Yoga - Union - with yourself, mind, body, breath and more
Yoga - the art of transformation

Yoga has many benefits, increased flexibility, increased muscle, strength and tone, improved energy, cardio health, helps maintain a balanced metabolism and improved athletic performance. Yoga has such amazing healing ability’s that in the last 5 years doctors has started to prescribe it more and more to patients. In fact more than 500 research papers on yoga therapy have been published. Everyone should practice yoga, in the end it makes you happy and healthy, who couldn’t use that.

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Corporate Yoga

Benefits of yoga in the corporate world, increases energy, reduces fatigue, alleviates physical ailments, relieves stress, improves concentration and focus, helps with creativity, lowers burnout rates and increases positivity. Lets get your company set up for a better future with happier, healthier, positive employees.

One on one

If the idea of a group yoga class is not your thing, I can get you set up with One on one in your house. 

Studio classes

If you're a studio looking for a Vinyasa teacher contact me and we can talk about open class times.