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My fitness journey began in 2005 when my late husband unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack. Devastated by this loss, my health deteriorated and the stress of it all led to very bad kidney infections. My metabolism completely shifted and within two months I went from a size 2 to a size 14. At this emotional and physical low point, I had to look at myself and make a decision. Did I want to continue down this path of hopelessness and struggle or do I decide to rise above these terrible setbacks that life threw at me? In that moment, I immediately decided to change my ways not only for myself but for my kids. As a family, we started being more active and eating healthier. Motivated and determined, I decided to join a local weight loss gym that specialized in cardio kick-boxing and resistance band workouts. After two years of workouts and being trained to lead classes, I was ready for the next challenge. I decided that if I wanted to look like Erin Stern or Dana Linn Bailey, I needed to start putting in the work like they did. Four years of that hard work, dedication and an ACL replacement has led me to competing on stage at the national level. It also has afforded me the opportunity to help inspire lifestyle changes in others while personal training at Los Campeones Gym in Minneapolis. Through my journey, I now help others with their health and fitness journeys.

If you would like to follow me on my journey look me up on Instagram @amysarsenal.

I currently train out of Los Campeones gym and am accepting new clients. If you are interested in being part of Amy's Arsenal click here.